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Artists Profiles

Charles Negre

Born in France in 1988, Charles Negre is a photographer who lives and works in Paris. Following his bachelor degree at the Swiss art school Ecal in Lausanne in 2009, he began working with magazines and brands in Switzerland soon expanding his work to Paris, moving there in 2012.

Since then, he has maintained his practice, balancing between commercial works and artistic projects, and working alongside his agent Carole Lambert since 2014. More recently he has collaborated with the Zurich art gallery Sunday Inventory as well as giving lectures and workshops in Paris, Switzerland and Belgium. His works include books, exhibitions, editorial stories and advertising, mainly focusing around the subject of still life.

Eric Ahnebrink

Eric Ahnebrink is a Swiss designer and art director working in London. His latest work comes in the form of a newspaper under the name Bootleg Magazine.

By taking existing magazines and rearranging their contents, each issue is transformed into a purely visual experience deprived from its original context. A graphic exercise wanting to explore the very essence of visual impacts by using basic and radical methods.

In his work, Eric Ahnebrink fuses old techniques with contemporary panache to produce bold and truly unique results. Not driven by any trends, Bootleg magazine is a reflection to Eric's confident approach to design: Simple yet essential.

All the issues are held together by a same typeface especially created for the project. The typeface itself, a distorted version of Helvetica made with a similar cut-out technique to the magazines, emphasizes once more the idea of re-used material. In the music industry, they would call it a bootleg.

Ramon Haindl

Frankfurt based photographer Ramon Haindl began his life as a young artist by drawing girls and airplanes. Then came his greater talent for capturing people and ideas; not with pencil and paper, but with a camera lens.

While studying visual communication in Mainz, the charming young Haindl began working as a freelance photographer for magazines and record companies. Since receiving his diploma in 2010, the 30-year-old hasn’t stopped to rest.

A No Plans project.
A No Plans project.
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